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My graphic novels “Full Circle” and “The dance of loneliness” are now available in english for Kindle readers! Get your digital copy in Amazon!


“The dance of loneliness” is a comicbook about how we deal with romantic relationships on differents stages of life: from the blooming of sexuality on youth to the difficulties on old age. Stories that show how the anguishes of love are absolutely the same no matter if you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

“Full Circle” is a graphic novel about love, loss and starting over again.

About me:

Mário César is an awarded cartoonist from Brazil and one of the authors of Little Heroes (215 Ink).

Minhas graphic novels Círculo Completo e Dança da Solidão da série EntreQuadros estão disponíveis em inglês na loja da Amazon em formato digital para Kindle!

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